Print and Web Design

To grab your customers attention, you need inviting, eye-catching, professional designs. Whatever you need to promote your business – a company logo, flyer or brochure, a  website, or social media page – I will design it! I like to design elements that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.


How will anyone use your services, or buy your products, if they cannot find you online? Without SEO, a site has little chance of getting to the top of Google searches. And you want to do this organically, without paying per click. SEO requires an attention to detail with the copy for your website, which is time consuming, but worth the effort. If you want your company to stand out from the competition,  I will help you accomplish this goal.

Web Maintenance

You want a website that not only looks good, but is easy for you to maintain. But if you do not have the time to do this yourself, I can help! Anything from copy changes, images updates, product changes, events, promotions, and SEO updates. I can also help you with hosting, domain renewal and email.

Corporate Identity

Logos, Business Cards, Company Stationary, Flyers and Brochures, are just some of the design you can use to brand your company. Your brand says a lot about your business. It is important to be consistent and develop all collateral, logo, website, business cards, email blast, to coincide with your brand and message.

Social Media

Social media is important for your business. You’ll not only look savvy, but increase your connectivity, and gain traffic to you site from elsewhere. Using social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as an advertising vehicle will attract more customers and it shows innovation and understanding of your client base. It will also boost your reputation as a company they can trust.