Human Trafficking Brochure

| February 8, 2012

Human Trafficking Brochure Naples Graphic Design Logo Design

Wings of Shelter, Inc is a non-profit in SW Florida helping victims of human trafficking. Their mission is to build awareness about the #1 crime – human trafficking – that is happening right here in the United States!

They needed a logo, brochure, flyer and poster to promote their event, Out of the Shadows. The type and the graphic style was chose to give a feeling of distress. Human Trafficking is a very dark subject and this design needed to reflect that. Black and grey, with text in red as well as the distressed text gave this piece the look and feel of a horror film, but unfortunately this crime is not just a movie.

Their logo was an image of hands in chains, which represented slavery. But the hands are reaching up symbolizing hope. Wings of Shelter, along with Not for Sale, are just a few non profits helping free every last modern slave in America and worldwide.

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